About Carey’s Paving


We are a Family Owned Paving Company For 40 Over Years.

Carey’s Paving is a family-owned paving business established in 1983, providing a large variety of asphalt paving and concrete services to commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential customers throughout Hamilton, Burlington, Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, and nearby areas.

Our family-owned company is detail-oriented with competitive pricing and the highest quality of service. Our company’s passion is for our clients and ensuring the highest quality of workmanship and customer service throughout each project.

Carey’s Paving is Fully Insured, WSIB registered, Maintains WHIMIS and first aid training.

Our Company History.

Carey’s Paving was established by Dan and Chris Carey in Flamborough, Ontario. Since then, Dan and Chris have been proudly operating their family-owned business and the second generation – with their three sons – Cody, Chad, and Brent – are now actively involved in the company.

How It All Started.

Dan Carey started off by working for a patch paving and sealing company in 1982. The following year, Dan purchased a truck with a sealer unit and started sealing driveways and completing basic asphalt repairs. Since we were in the early stage of business and could not afford a trailer or a small dump truck, we cut the top off of an old horse trailer we had – lettered it up and we were good to go. We hauled asphalt and a roller inside but never at the same time it was too small. When the patch paving work was bigger than a driveway, we realized we were now able to pave driveways. Since that time, we have expanded to include commercial, industrial, and municipal work as well as the residential driveways.

How Carey’s Paving Has Grown.

Fast forward over the years as the company grew, Dan and Chris ran their business out of their home while raising their three sons. As time went on, all three boys worked for Carey’s Paving during the summer months. Today, all three sons are actively involved in the company. Carey’s Paving is a second-generation family tradition and still growing.

We put the “Care” in Carey’s Paving.

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Let’s Talk About Your Project.

We Put the “Care” in Carey’s Paving.

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